Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Mayor Faulconer

In all fairness, Mayor Faulconer might not be the most unscrupulous politician to hold San Diego’s highest office but when a report claims he “is an abusive and politically polluted politician who honors his personal welfare over the citizens he is supposed to be serving”, it wouldn’t be right not to include him.  Article

Although his term in office hasn’t yielded as many negative articles as some of his predecessors, it did produce one little gem claiming that “Kevin Faulconer’s problem is that he’s an embarrassment to his constituents.  For how many years did the Spanos syndicate manipulate and extort this mayor?  How many times did they slap him silly while he kept coming back for more?”  It went on to claim that “We’ve got a mayor who is incapable of taking clear, decisive stands on big civic issues…”  The entire feature reads like a Greek tragedy is is available for your perusal here.  Article

If in fact Mayor Faulconer was manipulated and extorted, that would make him a weak leader, much like Paul Castellano’s leadership was perceived to be weak by his subordinates before their successful coup d’etat outside Sparks Steak House.



Former Mayor Bob Filner

Bob Finler

Say what you will about Bob just so long as you know he was a lady’s man.  With so many women taking the time to speak out, you have to wonder what was going on in is mind during his time in office.

In an article where no less than thirteen women described their encounters with Mr. Filner, horrific stories were told about the mayor’s sexual misconduct.  Article

The mayor treated women working for him as either sexual objects or idiots…”  The same woman described “Filner’s penchant for putting her into a headlock and pulling her about, while whispering sexually explicit comments in her ear.”

He came up to me after the event was over. I was talking with friends and he gave me a hug. And then he touched me, actually groped me on my backside inappropriately,” another woman claimed.  “I was left there startled and fearful. In fact, I actually had someone walk me to my car that night.

With so many allegations of indecency, it’s not surprising that Mr. Filner pleaded guilty to sexual harassment charges.  Article

He also pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and battery.  Article

So questionable was his time in office that the feds were investigating Filner for almost his entire mayorship.  Article

Needless to say, Bob resigned as Mayor of San Diego.  Article

At the time, San Diego must have seemed like the dark days of New York when Vito Genovese marauded through the boroughs striking fear into the hearts of law abiding citizens.


Former Mayor Roger Hedgecock

Roger Hedgecock

Here’s another mayor who couldn’t finish his term in office and was forced to step down.  Roger Hedgecock was convicted on charges of illegal campaign fundraising and “was sentenced to one year in county custody after losing his bid to overturn his felony conviction“.  

It was said that he “violated the public trust in an onerous way by accepting tens of thousands of dollars in illegal 1983 campaign donations…

Although the Judge termed his conduct as “reprehensible in every sense of the word“, he “allowed Hedgecock to remain free on his own recognizance pending the outcome of his appeal of his 13-count conspiracy and perjury conviction.   Article

Luckily, on appeal, the court threw out most of his charges due to jury tampering by a bailiff who “plied jurors with liquor, reminded them that it was expensive to keep them secluded, so costly that they were expected to do a good job.”    Article

Mr. Hedgecock’s final felony was reduced to a misdemeanor that he pleaded guilty to before it was expunged allowing him to walk away scot-free.

His uncanny ability to clear his name of criminal charges could easily be compared to John Gotti’s expertise at getting away with many crimes before ultimately being convicted of racketeering and murder.


Former Mayor Dick Murphy

Dick Murphy

When Time magazine accuses you of being one of America’s three worst big-city mayors, you can’t help but wonder if you could have done a better job.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, it could only be disgraced former mayor Dick Murphy who’s time in office was not short of controversy.

He was investigated by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission who attempted to determine whether or not he acted illegally in awarding generous new benefits to retirees.  Article

It was found that he “deliberately concealed from citizens the city’s knowing violation of the Clean Water Act, a violation that resulted in San Diego’s residents largely footing the sewage bill for the industrial class.”  Of course this meant that he “knowingly and improperly caused the city to violate federal and state law.”  Article

On a positive note, he was fortunate enough to make it on the list of San Diego’s eight most scandalous mayors.  Article

So rife with impropriety was his tenure that it afforded him the opportunity to resign just months into his term.

With so much corruption and foulness, San Diego must have felt like the Windy City when Sam Giancana oversaw its illegal lottery operations and roamed free doing exactly as he pleased.


Former Mayor Michael Zucchet

Micahel Zucchet

Michael Zucchet would have to be my favorite San Diego Mayor because he “was found guilty of conspiracy, extortion and fraud on his first business day in office.”  That’s right, the guy couldn’t even make it through one day.  Article

He was suspended, quickly replaced, and seeing as that he replaced exiting mayor Dick Murphy, San Diego was privileged to have three different mayors in one week.  Possibly an attempt by ‘America’s finest city’ to emulate Rome and it’s year of the four emperors.

What makes matters even worse was the nature of his offense.  Mr. Zucchet was found guilty “of taking payoffs from a strip club owner to help repeal the no-touching ordinance at nude clubs.

Mr. Zucchet’s suspension effectively ended his mayoral career much like Carmine Galante’s career ended when he was gunned down at a Brooklyn restaurant.

Carmine Galante